3:00 PM15:00

Harmony Workshop

Singing is amazing. It's uplifting, transformative, healing and fun. It calms us, rejuvenates us and connects us. Music is the universal language,  the language of emotion. Everyone understands it; it is the sound of our souls, our hearts, the wordless and timeless depths of our being.

....And harmony? It's like the icing on the cake! Being part of harmony is an instant high, an immediate thrill, a beautifully nourishing simplicity.

The workshop flow: we'll spend some time grounding for ease of presence, warm up and learn with some simple and fun vocal techniques and then once we are settled and ready- we'll dive into harmony. We'll explore all the intervals, how they feel and how to access them, and then enjoy a guided play, making chords with our voices. 

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12:00 PM12:00

Spring Belly Dance

Jump into spring with grace, poise and strength! This spring's 10 week dance session will empower you with shimmies, undulations, layerings and many many delightful ways of moving your body! We focus on alignment,  technique and tuning into the individual needs of our different bodies.

Belly dance is a tradition deeply rooted in the honouring and celebrating of women, and we continue this tradition as it morphs with time, picking up aspects of every culture it touches. We add ourselves to it, it changes us, and we change it.

Gemma Luna's dance style is a colourful blend of tribal fusion, egyptian and contemporary dance.  She uses yoga and pilates based exercises for warm up, conditioning and cool down, and her teaching is precise, intuitive, and very encouraging.

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