Belly Dance Workshop: Get on the Shimmy Train!
to Apr 5

Belly Dance Workshop: Get on the Shimmy Train!

How many ways are there to shimmy?

We’ll play with the 3/4, the choo choo, 
the shoulder, the twist, the 4/4, the tension
and the egyptian knee shimmy, with variations
and layers to make it exciting!

This workshop will fire up your shakti and make
you laugh, sweat and enjoy yourself!

At Bindu, 5676 Winlaw Bridge Rd, Winlaw, BC



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Harmony Workshop
3:00 PM15:00

Harmony Workshop

  • 1108 Poplar Street Nelson, BC, V1L Canada (map)
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Singing is amazing. It's uplifting, transformative, healing and fun. It calms us, rejuvenates us and connects us. Music is the universal language,  the language of emotion. Everyone understands it; it is the sound of our souls, our hearts, the wordless and timeless depths of our being.

....And harmony? It's like the icing on the cake! Being part of harmony is an instant high, an immediate thrill, a beautifully nourishing simplicity.

The workshop flow: we'll spend some time grounding for ease of presence, warm up and learn with some simple and fun vocal techniques and then once we are settled and ready- we'll dive into harmony. We'll explore all the intervals, how they feel and how to access them, and then enjoy a guided play, making chords with our voices.

Location is Chateau Juliet,  1108 Poplar St. South, Nelson BC. ----Up Mountain Station Rd. Contact for maps will misdirect you!

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