Gemma Luna

Mistress of Melody

Who is Gemma Luna?

Willowy and earthy, Gemma Luna is a nexus of creative avenues with a profound natural musicality and deep roots into grace and melodiousness. She has an unstoppable penchant for harmony, a sense of humor that would tickle the Grinch, and a longstanding personal relationship with a woodstove. Her vocal style is rich, flexible, can be mildly trance inducing, and flows between folk, soul, jazz, hip hop, and world music. Her music has been described as “mood smoothing”, “timeless”, “fluidly lush” and “a must for your soul”.
With depth and wit in metaphors and twists her songwriting speaks honestly of humanity and the moods of the heart in a way that makes the listener feel at home. Her guitar playing is rich with colorful chord voicings and curious strumming styles, lately greatly influenced by the wonderful world of old and classy jazz.
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